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About Alix Robin

I guess you could say that I'm not your typical minister. I worship nature, am theologically a scientist, and believe that the most fundamental truth is that we don't know everything. I was a wedding photographer for 10 years before I decided to pursue ministry, a vocation that combines my passion for writing, storytelling, art, music, psychology, and social justice.  

I work with people who are honest and smart, and maybe just a little bit irreverent. I like stories that don't sound like fairy tales, but are both more beautiful and more ordinary at the same time - the stories that speak to a the daily witness that is a lifelong bond.  What does your partner like in their coffee? What makes them smile to themselves as they walk down the street? How do you show up for each other when things get hard? When did you know theirs was the face you wanted to wake up to each day? I strive to create moments in time that feel sacred and real and honor the deep bonds we create with the people we choose to have in our lives.  

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Alix immediately felt like an old friend who fit into the day perfectly, making everyone completely comfortable. Guests came up to me during the wedding to tell me how awesome/cool she was.

Basically, you can’t do better than this lady!
— Heidi G, Los Angeles, CA
The best part about Alix’s work is how much she just blends in and becomes a part of the wedding. She puts her heart and soul into the work, and the results come out in the final product.

If you’re planning a wedding, do yourself a favor and email Alix. You will not be disappointed.
— Israel P, Chicago, IL